The Diary ng Panget tetralogy (Diary of Ugly or Ugly’s Diary) is a series of romantic comedy novels by a Wattpad author under the name of HaveYouSeenThisGirL. The original and unedited story was first posted on an online community called Wattpad and garnered over 12 million reads and was later the 4th novel in Wattpad to be published in the Philippines after She’s Dating the Gangster, A Hundred and One Reasons, and Fourteen Sundays. The story was split into four books and topped the rankings on the bestseller’s list on Phil. Publication on National Bookstore. On September 2013, during the Manila International Book Fair, Viva Films announced their acquisition of the title and its long-awaited film adaptation to hit theaters in 2014.

Diary ng Panget – Cast

  • Reah “Eya” Rodriguez: Portrayed by Nadine Lustre. The protagonist and narrator of the series, the titular ‘panget’. Eya describes herself as an ugly person. She studies at Willford Academy and is a model of some products that don’t need to show her face (Wattpad version only). She was hired by Mr Sandford to be the personal maid of his son, Cross.
  • Cross Sandford: Portrayed by James Reid. A handsome, rich and snobbish teenager. He studies at Willford Academy. He works as a model for the popular clothing line Bench. Eya is his personal maid and has hated her ever since they’ve met. He is called by Eya as “Cookie Monster” because of his personality.
  • Chad Jimenez: Portrayed by Andre Paras. He studies at Willford Academy. A handsome and rich teenager who has a crush on Lory. He is well-known for his cheerful personality. Chad and Eya became friends because of an embarrassing situation. Eya is his closest friend who helps him get Lory.
  • Lorraine “Lory” Keet: Portrayed by Yassi Pressman. She studies at Willford Academy. A beautiful and rich teenager who has a crush on Cross. She is half-British and is crushed on by almost all of the boys at Willford Academy. She is one of Eya’s close friends and helps her get Cross.

Diary ng Panget 2014 (Movie)

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Diary Ng Panget The Movie 457x610 Diary ng Panget 2014 (Movie)

diary ng panget Diary ng Panget 2014 (Movie)

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